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It is fairly normal to get diarhea for a few weeks after starting the diet; the candida is flooding your body causing havoc. One way to reduce the die off symptoms is to a sauna, hot tub/jacuzzi, steam room, or even a hot bath to sweat out the toxins.

If possible, rotate your diet more so that the candida cannot adapt to your diet. I would eat things like buckwheat, oat bran, quinoa, red/black rice, etc just 1-3x per week. Specifically, it seems that the oat bran is causing a lot of problems with folks on the forum, so it may be best to save it for phase 2.

If you can prepare meals ahead of time, this could help reduce your time crunch problems. For instance, you could make 5 days worth the salad at once and put it in tupperware and bring that around town with you…just an idea. Add in some coconut bread, and thats a meal right there!

Prepare for your weight to normalize to a healthy weight level (your natural weight) as you progress on the diet. Simply adding in more foods could lower the weight loss problems. If you ate 3-4 course meals, this can help tremendously.

If you have any allergies to food, it may be because of leaky gut. This can be treated by using the bitters. The rest of your supplements seem OK, I just would maybe add in the SF722…I would keep up the probiotic for months, maybe just change the brands a few times! Next time you get vitamin C, I would get one with bioflavanoids which have properties to heal the body. I would keep up the GFSE and slowly increase the dose over a period of weeks. It likely will become ineffective at some point, and so you will want to rotate with another antifungal such as SF722.