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Quote: “Raging yeast infections started happening about 1 week before my period would start and either stop when my period started and then start up after it was over.”

Reply: The hormone cycle, which changes just before your period, causes the vagina to become more alkalized during this time. If the environment is just right, the alkalizing effect is enough to cause a full yeast infection, sometimes even a Candida infestation.

I noticed you said the person who diagnosed you told you to take digestive enzymes; if you’re taking them now, which type are you taking? For digesting proteins you should purchase a liquid herb called Swedish Bitters. When you receive it, ask me how to take them and I will explain. Do not follow the instructions on the label.

As far as your adrenals are concerned, the Candida protocol will begin to heal your adrenal fatigue as it cures the infestation.

Quote: “I am allergic to my own hormones.”

Reply: This can be easily treated by an HRT specialist.

Quote: “I have no serotonin.”

Reply: I noticed you said you were told to take a probiotic, which one are you taking? Purchase a quality probiotic, a good one is MegaFlora made by MegaFoods. Also purchase a B6 vitamin supplement and take as directed (one of the very few times I’ll recommend a single B vitamin).

Quote: “She also said for me not to eat any eggs, wheat, gluten, grains anything fermented or dairy. She also said not to eat any nightshades, legumes, seeds or nuts. She also said I can’t use black pepper, or too much oil in anything I eat. She said no eggs, because recently I had been getting nauseous when I eat them. I LOVE eggs….I have always eaten them with no issues until about 3 months ago…same with gluten, grains and wheat.”

Reply: The diet you were given doesn’t sound bad. When was the last time you ate eggs? Were they a regular store brand or organic?

Quote: “I eat only protein, chicken, turkey and fish since I can’t have eggs: ( I also eat tuna fish sometimes and I do eat salmon and shrimp.”

Reply: You do eat too much animal protein; way too much if you’re eating as much as you’ve made it sound. How many times a day do you eat animal protein?

Quote: “So I am wondering…can I try that coconut bread or the pumpkin muffins?”
Reply: I would like to see you try the baked goods containing eggs.

Quote: “I see people talking about drinking or cooking with coconut milk…can I do that? I was also wondering if nut milks are ok or not…or even hemp seed milk?”
Reply: Since the seeds are used in the hemp milk, leave this alone for at least two months. Coconut milk can be used in two weeks if you stay strictly on the diet outlined on the following page. You should start as soon as possible.

Quote: “…when I started the GFSE I diarrhea pretty bad and my tummy was upset and I felt like total hell. Then after about week I upped it to TWO drops and felt like someone had run me over. I could barely move, was nauseous, dizzy, and disoriented. I would fall over when I stood up, run into things etc. I emailed the lady that diagnosed me, and all she said was stop the GFSE…but offered no other advice. So I thought maybe it is not the GFSE…so I tried THREE drops…more of the same. Is it just too much for my body to handle?”

Reply: All of the above was due to die-off symptoms from the Candida that were dying because of the GFSE. Die-off can actually make you feel worse than the Candida does.

Quote: “So I guess I want to know if I am doing things right, and I can I try some different things now that I have been at it for almost 6 weeks.”
Reply: Try “some different things” at this early time only if you wish to feed the Candida allowing them to multiply and continue to thrive inside your body.

Quote: “Also, what are your thoughts about the recent yeast issue? Is is just that hormonal thing again or did I really f it up somewhere?”

Reply: This is the Candida symptoms growing worse just before your period because of the hormones which I explained in the beginning of the post.

Quote: “I want to kick the hell out of Candida’s rear end so I can live again and feel vibrant and healthy.”

Reply: Let’s do it.