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Hello, and welcome to the forum.

Should I take a stool test to confirm candida ?

That’s up to you, most people do not, but some do. There’s information on the forum about this.

Should I be taking anti fungal drugs? how long and how?

That information is on the forum protocol.
The Protocol

what kind of probiotics should I be taking ?

Read the link below, but you should read the protocol first as it explains when to take each supplement.
Probiotic Information

what kind of vitamins should I be taking?

There’s already a post on that subject as well.
Vitamims & Minerals

How long should I stay on a strict diet ?

No one can tell you that as it all depends on your infestation as well as how well you stick to the treatment; plus, everyone is different so that’s no standard answer for that question.

Should I be seeing a doctor ?

That’s up to you as well.

What kind of doctor ?

If you decide to see one, look for a good and trusted naturopath and hopefully not one who just wants your money. Keep in mind that sometimes these people know very little about actual medical situations.