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raster;38577 wrote: I don’t want to get into a pH debate but I am getting close to pH neutral. A lot of my remaining symptoms have lifted since doing this and I generally feel a lot better. I am taking pleo alkala antacid powder and pleo citro (citric acid) homeopathic. I am using pH test strips to test my urine pH.

Not looking for a debate here either, just stating facts, not necessarily for you but others are reading this thread as well.

I’ve talked about this before but I appreciate the chance to explain it again; the body is a heck of a lot smarter than we give it credit for, or if you believe in any kind of a God, maybe he’s the one who’s smarter than we think. The body was created with its own methods of maintaining the body pH to prevent over acidity as well as over alkalinity. Our respiration system is the primary method since, if the pH begins dropping meaning becoming too acidic, the respiration increases in order to decrease carbonic acid and lactate which corrects the pH. If our body starts to go too alkaline then our respiration would decrease in order to increase carbonic acid and lactate which would correct the over-alkalinity. So with this fact in mind, I think the best way to determine the general state of your body’s pH is to pay attention to your respiration function and whether or not it ever noticeably changes without reason. There are other pH adjusting systems in the body, but I imagine most folks get the general idea.

Neither the saliva nor the urine pH correlates to blood pH, so reading the pH of the urine doesn’t tell you anything about
the general pH of the body, only a waste-filled by-product of the body, urine.

When people try to alkalize the body, they usually just put more stress on their body because then the body has to go through the process of attempting to increase acidity to compensate for the possible state of alkalosis.

The truth is, people with healthy kidneys and lungs do not experience the body pH becoming too acidic or too alkaline unless they do or have something that causes it, such as over-dosing on substances which could possibly change the pH, allowing themselves to become severely dehydrated, overdosing on aspirin, drinking enough alcohol to cause liver failure, or the overuse of sedative drugs. Health problems such as chronic lung disease, uncontrolled diabetes or kidney failure can also cause an imbalance of the general body pH. Respiratory acidosis will develop when there’s too much carbon dioxide in the body.