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dvjorge;38608 wrote: Neither the saliva nor the urine pH correlates to blood pH, so reading the pH of the urine doesn’t tell you anything about
the general pH of the body, only a waste-filled by-product of the body, urine

I agree with it. Moreover, taking antiacid substances has been documented as a cause of intestinal candidiasis.
In my position, I don’t take them.


I guess we’ll see how it goes then. I am doing the alkalization therapy very slowly and hope to continue going to the mineral hot springs as well. I noticed my pH becomes completely pH neutral (7.0) after going to the hot springs for a few days so I know I am getting close. Please don’t tell me the hot springs are bad for me and my pH levels. The homeopathic I take is the main thing that influences my long-term pH levels to ensure that things don’t get out of whack. Once I am neutral for a period of time I am going to start chelation.