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Hi, maybe this will help. This is what I made during my cleanse and it really cleansed 🙂 I made a congee every night in a crockpot and ate it twice a day as breakfast and a snack later in the day. I based it on chinese medicine which I have been studying for 5 years, which is why I chose these specific ingredients.

1/4 cup whole Millet
1/4 cup Amaranth (amaranth because it is drying and bitter flavor or you can use more millet or buckwheat)
1 carrot chopped (congees with carrots expells gas and clears bloating)
5 Whole black peppercorns (used for gas and constipation as well)
1 stick of celery chopped (drying to the body, salty flavor)
2 chunks of ginger (detoxing, loosens tight stomach muscles, aids constipation)
2 3/4 cups of water

lightly oil the mini crockpot and put everything in. Let it cook on low overnight. If you want to cook on the stovetop you can do it in a small pan and cook on low temp for at least 4 hours. In the morning or at the end of cooking time take out the ginger chunks and add a couple handfuls of Romaine lettuce (drying). You can also add some cloves which are good for the liver and gallbladder. Puree everything. It tastes good I swear!! nice and spicy! I like to top mine with cinnamon and somtimes I use stevia and 1 TBSP of hemp protein.