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Able900;40173 wrote: Well, Flailing, just a glance at your post looks like you must be spending a fortune on supplements.

Personally I see several problems with your list of supplements; one is the Douglas Lab multiple vitamin which contains a terrible ratio of the eight B vitamins. Another is the fact that you’re overlapping the amounts of the same vitamins with different products. Look at the supplements in the Nature Made Stress B vitamins compared to the Douglas Lab multiple vitamins; so many of these vitamins are overlapping that you could be creating a huge need for various B vitamins in your body. This means that, when you finally go off of these vitamins, you could experience the symptoms of deficiencies in several different vitamins. For example, if you’re taking both of these every day, you’re ingesting 7334% of your daily requirement for thiamin (B1). Doesn’t this seem a little off to you?

Since I’m no nutritionist, ratios/balance with vits/mins is a little stretch which I’m trying to learn but, can only absorb so much at a time. Doc says not to be concerned with taking too much of the b-vits as any which the body doesn’t need is eliminated through the urine rather quickly. The point in to make sure I’m getting even more than I ‘need’ since my case is rather complicated/difficult due to it’s duration lasting well over a decade and the state of mal-nutrition, CFS, anemia has escalated over the time I’ve been suffering from Candida. So, there you go……Also, recently blood work shows I’m Vit D deficient so, there’s focus on trying to bring those levels up.

Able900;40173 wrote:
At this point, you really shouldn’t be taking garlic pills containing allicin because it’s a powerful antibiotic that can destroy the bacteria that you’re trying to reestablish in the intestines. If you enjoy pure garlic, you could use a bit of this in your food, but you don’t need a supplement of it as well.

You have a point there but, most antifungals have antibacterial properties. I’m using EV coconut oil, waiting for SF722 to come back into supply, use cinnamon both in pill and fresh form and the garlic. I didn’t do well on the GAIA oil of oregano for the issues you spell out above. Perhaps, it’s best to initially stay away from the antifungals and focus on the probiotics/kefir.

Unfortunately, Garlic odor sensitivity is a symptom of my condition going back decades. I couldn’t stand to be around myself when using fresh garlic prior to switching to the pills w/allicin.

This also brings up the subject of the iodine supplementation, it would have similar effect: perhaps I should limit the iodine drops for the time being or, take less frequently.

Able900;40173 wrote:
Another potential problem is the iron supplement. Pure iron such as this benefits the Candida, which is why most Candida sufferers eventually become deficient in iron. This is also why I recommend Apo-Lactoferrin in place of a pure iron supplement.
The information on your supplement reads; “Pur-Absorb is 100% natural and efficacious without additives, so you can really taste the iron.” This tells you that it’s pure iron without a substance to prevent the Candida from using it to their benefit.

I really need to address the anemia to even have the strength to progress as I need the strength for all the shopping/food prep/cooking/cleaning, etc.. I was using a time released iron supplement and even then my tests came back on the low/anemia side. I switched just this month to the PUR-ABSORB since it made some sense as being easier for my body to absorb and put to use.

In checking APO-lactoferrin, the local health food store just called to say JARROWS FORUMLA told them, the APO means it’s iron depleted and a quick search of the web shows it could further chelate iron from the body. However, JARROWS FORMULA has lactoferrin – $28/60 capsules.

Able900;40173 wrote:
What improvements have you seen, Flailing?

Since I’m still taking a more gradual transition to the protocol, I can’t say there’s been significant improvement. Though, oral thrush is contained now, so it seems but, I still cough up white phlegm and it drains from my sinuses, thus the collidal silver and limiting it to only 10 days per month. However, based on your input, I’ll stay away from the Silver nasal spray for the time being and cut the allicin back to perhaps just one pill per day, rather than the two I was just escalating this week.

I’m still very week. Get out of the house very little. However, I’ve started making my own coconut bread which a couple months back was overwhelming to even think of making so, that’s some improvement. It’s like starting all over again trying to treat this condition, with FAR more understanding even if far from complete.

Able900;40173 wrote:
When you look over your supplement list, maybe try to keep in mind that more isn’t always better?


I hear you, Able. Trust me, I’m broke as heck after being out of work for going on precisely a decade. All doc visits etc are self pay since I have no insurance, etc.
So, no I DO NOT want to spend money on useless supplements – I’m trying to widdle it down and thus, why I asked for your and everyone’s experienced based advice…and trust me, I LISTEN to every word …..

Many thanks for your help, concern, efforts and all around guidance to blokes like me who are struggling with this battle of all battles. I’m live alone and pretty isolated so, it’s all up to me which makes it all that much more challenging.

HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY and wishing you many grace filled blessings!