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Your temperature and heart rate are certainly low and would indicate hypothyroidism. I remember getting that same response actually: “low heart rate is good, just means you are very fit!”. But the thing was, if I was so fit why did I struggle climbing up one flight of stairs!? My muscles felt like I had just finished the Ironman competition. What use is such “fitness”! Also if you are hypothyroid you can exercise all you like but it is hardly going to make you warm – if there isn’t enough thyroid your body simply isn’t capable of producing heat!

I hope you can find another doctor. And if not you might want to take a look at the book I referenced in my other post – it can possibly give you the information you need to confront your doctor in the hope that he will reconsider. It is actually very common that when people complain hypothyroid symptoms to their doctors (weight gain, cold hands and feet) they get the the responses; “just exercise more and eat less” or “wear warmer clothing”. The book discusses this as well. The website I sent can also be a good guide. I actually ended up changing doctors and now I have a doctor who actually listens to me.

I used to do a lot of running too. And I’ve done Triathlon in the past. Not long ago I read an article on how doing cardio can actually lower the production of T3. It has also been suggested that the lowered heart rate of endurance atheletes is not as much a sign of fitness as it is an indication of thyroid damage. That is certainly an interesting consideration. I have also noticed that if I push myself to exercise a lot my temps go down, whereas if I rest, my temps rise again.

Btw, I find grains very hard to digest and personally aim to get my sugar from root vegetables and fruits (these being mostly illegal on the candida diet, mind you). Ray Peat suggests that having some saturated fat (i.e. coconut oil) together with grains can make them easier to digest.

About antifungals that you asked about: I’d try the natural ones. I had a bad reaction to the prescription ones so cannot really recommend them though I’ve heard many tolerate them just fine. Just sounds like your body’s been through a lot and it might be a good idea to go about it carefully.

I’ll send you my story later on on pm.