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s. wrote: Hi. Instead of just passively passing through, I want to introduce myself to the forum. I, like many others, have a horror story. Now that I know what is wrong, there is something incredibly healing in knowing there are others who can help and who understand.

I have been sick since November of 2010. This past summer I was the sickest I have ever been in my life. Many times I thought I was going to die. 20 doctors later, I know there are a lot of illnesses and diseases that I don’t have. ha..ha….But finding a diagnosis and a doctor to help was next to impossible.

I believe that I have been a long standing celiac though I have had negative blood work (twice) and negative biopsies. The problems seem so clear now that I have a diagnosis. How could so many doctors overlook 11 rounds of antibiotics in a little over a year – how could they not see that I was completely void of healthy bacteria and sitting ready for a fungal overgrowth? Then….to my horror – the house that I had moved into in the fall of 2010 had mold air sample readings (2012) that were in the 37,000s in the middle of winter.

Untreated celiac + lots of antibiotics + toxic mold exposure = a very sick person.

I have been on Diflucan for 12 weeks as well as many other natural antifungals. I am rotating my natural antifungals now and my diet. I have been following “the diet” and am now following the diet posted to this forum earlier that is now available by email. The forum has allowed me to fix several small but crucial diet problems.

I am stuck in “death house” until June 1. Then I hope my life can start over again. Two years lost already and from most accounts, two years of hard work of recovery ahead of me.

In time, I may get around to posting the litany of horrific symptoms – so that I may help others to recognize what is wrong and so that they can begin to repair.

Thank you for running this forum. It is priceless.

Regarding Celiac disease, getting blood work done for IgA seems to work for some but for others creates false negatives. So generally if the person displays classic symptoms of Celiac the doctor refers to a GI doctor where they would do a small biopsy of your gut, that will confirm or deny it.
Did you regular GP prescribe you Diflucan? if so 12 weeks seems to be a long time, more than a four week treatment requires liver enzyme testing because of the toxicity it creates when it gets absorbed into the blood stream. A much better medicinal anti-fungal is Nystatin it does not get absorbed and works in the gut, where Fluconazole gets absorbed by the liver and works through the blood, only effective in systemic infections.

You have not mentioned probiotics in your story , they are the most crucial part of your recovery. The best kind are fermented ones such as Kefir, Water Kefir, Sauerkraut, and Greek Yoghurt. You will need commercial probiotics also they will give you the high counts in the billions, the naturally fermented ones are much lower however they are way more diverse and stick to the stomach and gut much better and have a better chance of multiplying. You must use or eat Prebiotics, those feed the bacteria, examples are Inulin, Acacia Fibre, Oat Bran, Rice Bran, Garlic, Leeks, Flax Seeds.

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