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how could they not see that I was completely void of healthy bacteria and sitting ready for a fungal overgrowth?

Probably because, unfortunately, sometimes a doctor’s goal is not to cure you but to count the times he or she can collect another fee from you. If the doctor had admitted that you were void of healthy bacteria, he would be expected to do something about it, and if he did this, it would lessen the chance of collecting fees from you several more times.

I am stuck in “death house” until June 1

I’m assuming that you’re taking all precautions possible until you are able to leave the premises. A mold-spore protective face mask is the most cost effective solution if you have no choice but to breathe the air in the house.
These mold spores are in the micron size range, so paper-type masks or a mask similar to a surgeon’s mask are not very protective against the spores. What you would probably need is an industrial or medical respirator in order to avoid breathing in the mold.