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Thanks raster and ThomasJoel. A couple questions:

-raster, would you also recommend an elimination diet to figure out what is setting me off? I can’t guarantee any ingredients in the meat or eggs that I eat so it might be a good way to see what in particular my body doesn’t like.

-I’m not sure I can get a hold of all the supplements I need to be taking. TJ- How often do you take the adrenal vitamins? And for how long? I have to think about how I can get supplies delivered to me here, and how much to order since I’ll be here until June.

-Lately I’ve been feeling absolutely exhausted and brain foggy up until evening. I’ve been sleeping 6-7 hours each night, which I know isn’t ideal but I shouldn’t be *this* tired.

My diet is something like this:

Always a glass of pasteurized cow’s milk kefir, “ripened” for at least 24 hours
Either some scrambled eggs in coconut oil with or without veggies OR
Oat bran with coconut milk and coconut oil OR
(Up until recently)coconut bread with some sort of spread (oil, labneh, almond butter, etc)
Supplements: Colloidal silver, probiotic (around 25 bil), selenium, iodine, GSE, fish oil
Every other day: one a day multivitamin, biotin
Occasionally: milk thistle, echinacea, lysine

Usually a large salad with different kinds of lettuce (I can find romaine, arugula, chard, dandelion greens), tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, etc. PLUS a couple hard boiled eggs or chicken breast
Supplements: probiotic

Some sort of chicken(maybe 3x a week) with vegetables, varying but always using olive oil or coconut oil to cook, sometimes coconut milk as well
Usually another glass of kefir
Supplements: probiotics, GSE

Cucumbers and other veggies, hard boiled eggs, coconut flour/oat bran/kefir bread(from the forum) with coconut oil. I was also eating nuts and seeds up until recently.

Up until last week I was also eating store bought plain yogurt and labneh (strained yogurt) but I cut those out. This week I’ve been having quite a few work lunches in which I’ve accidentally eaten a few bites of potato, or something with flour, or tahini. But before this week I had hardly any slip-ups but still wasn’t feeling any better. However, I have eaten BBQ chicken and ground beef from restaurants, which I’m sure is cooked with vegetable oil so that’s not good. I suppose I should not eat ANY food that I haven’t prepared myself?

Yesterday I switched out the GSE for NOW foods’ Candida Support supplements, twice a day