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Re: Thyroid. Yeah, my naturopath said that my bloodwork showed my thyroid levels as unhealthy, so she told me to start the iodine and selenium. I will try to take my temperature over the next few days and I’ll let you know about what results I get.

For the elimination diet: Should I start out by just eating “allowed” vegetables from the allowed foods list? And then slowly add in supposedly allowed things like chicken, eggs, all that? Is there anything that I can eat alongside the vegetables from the start?

How long should I just do vegetables before I start adding things in? Should I also leave out tomatoes and nightshades and other things that that can also be allergy foods and then add them back in? And then, how long should I wait after adding something new before adding another new item? 48 hours or so?

Sorry, I understand the idea of an elimination diet, I’m just trying to figure out logistics, especially with my lifestyle here which is often subject to other people and what they feed me (I visit a lot of Arab families for my work, and will be traveling for the last ten days of February). I might have to wait until March 1st to start…