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nour;53921 wrote: Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to the forum but been suffering from vulvodynia for the past year, which I think is due to a latent yeast infection without most of the usual symptoms. It won’t surprise you experts to know I’ve taken multiple rounds of antibiotics over the past four years from stomach bugs, UTI’s, and bacterial vaginosis. And almost around the same time the problems started (a year ago), I also started birth control, which I promptly stopped two months later because I noticed these problems coming up.

So now I’m on a relatively strict Candida diet, but I do eat things like oat bran, nuts and seeds, store bought plain yogurt, etc. I live in the Middle East and so it’s hard to find any of the high protein things that I CAN be eating, so those have become some staples to my diet. I also brought back the following supplements from the states and take them daily:

Grapefruit seed extract
Unfiltered, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar (1-2 T in a cup of water 2-3 times daily)
Colloidal silver (recommended by my naturopath)
Fish oil (my triglycerides were really low when I got a blood panel a month ago)
Kelp and Selenium (for thyroid, also came up on my blood results)
85 billion probiotic
Coconut oil (about 1T)
Homemade kefir

I got kefir cultures when I was back in the states and now I make my own kefir, but with pasteurized cow’s milk because I can’t find raw. I can find the following acceptable grains here:
Oat bran
Quinoa (but it’s almost prohibitively expensive)

I can’t find all the vegetables I’d like to at any given point, but I can always find enough. The chicken I eat is most likely not free range or organic or anything, but it’s the best I’ve got. Same with the eggs and yogurt.

I’ve been doing the diet now for three weeks (with one or two slip-ups) and I don’t feel any better. I really don’t want to cut out nuts, oat bran, or eggs because they’re a huge source of protein and fill me up. I’m not sure what other alternative I have, though, since there’s clearly something that’s still bothering my system. Or should I give it more time? The nuts that I DO eat I soak and roast, or soak and then make into nut milk, so that should eliminate molds, right?

Sorry for the lengthy post and thanks for the help!

I think your best shot is an elimination diet. It sucks for the time you do it, but it can help to narrow things down.
I have a pretty big problem with nuts, even if i soak and roast them myself they still make me feel groggy and nasty.

I would cut out the dairy for sure, it gunks things up. The eggs and chicken might not be a bad idea to cut out either since they probably have a lot of antibiotics in them. It sucks when you have to cut out so much stuff but it’s totally worth feeling better. Just figure out what doesn’t set you off and eat more of that to compensate. For me oat bran works great, so i eat 2+ cups of it a day.

You definitely need to heal your thyroid as well, its good your getting more iodine and selenium. The thyroid helps modulate the immune system, so with the combo of antibiotics and a messed up thyroid I can see why you are having trouble clearing up infections. If you have a thermometer try taking your temperature right when you wake up in the morning and a couple times throughout the day for the next 3 days and write it down. I’m curious to see what it will be since your thyroid helps regulate body temperature.