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Try eating enough protein and carbs so that your liver doesn’t have to do any unnecessary conversion. Eating something carby around bedtime can help minimise the work the liver needs to do overnight. This might be especially important if you can’t store glycogen in your liver well (hypoglycaemia may be a sign of this). Once those reserves are depleted, the liver has to begin converting proteins and fats into glucose until you wake up, which requires stress hormones. Do you have any sleep issues at all?

High levels of o/estrogen and endotoxin (bacterial junk) can tax the liver too. If you’re eating a high-fibre diet, you’ll be feeding a lot of bacteria and creating a lot of endotoxin. O/estrogen can come from hormonal imbalances, birth control pills, cosmetics, soy and legumes etc. If candida is an issue, it also produces the potent form of o/estrogen, o/estradiol. Your liver has to detox both of these and they can cause all sorts of problems in excess. A better approach may be to eat foods that promote beneficial bacteria, but in moderation. I don’t think benefits are dose-dependent as long as nutrition and food quality is good.

They’re just a couple of things that came to mind. Like Latka said, you need to keep investigating and taking nothing for granted. I’m sure the list of things that affect liver function is much longer than this.