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mariegirl wrote: I’m starting the cleanse on Monday and was wondering if it would be good for me to do a liver cleanse on the Tuesday. I thought it might help in the cleaning out process. What do guys think?


I would not do it. Your body has enough to do with the toxins of the candida. There is a lot of controversial about liver flushing too. Get rid of the candia, clean the body of the toxins with Molybdenum, but only the one Able recommends not all are working! And give support to the liver in dealing with the candida toxins.

Get the Molybdenum first thing before you start with the detox. The diet is a good and soft start. Build up with the Molybdenum as a protection and then you can ad the probiotics after a short while. Then when you noticed that your body can handle the die-off coming from the diet and the probiotics you can add a antifungal like oil of oregano or SF722. But dont do the liver flushing.