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Able900;33251 wrote:

I took 5 days of antibiotics last year and developed mild thrush, which I ignored. Last month I took 5 days of antibiotics, again, and the thrush worsened to a point I can’t ignore. I experience frequent urination, short term memory loss, mild nail fungus (already improved), thrush, and yeast infection (which I think is gone now)…. weakened immune system..

Your symptoms say that you at least have a yeast problem, whether or not it’s an actual Candida albicans overgrowth or not is the question, however a weakened immune system plus thrush makes you the perfect candidate for a Candida overgrowth. If you start following our protocol and use the strict diet you may be able to knock it out before it becomes a full blown debilitating infestation.
Just ask me for the diet link if you decide to follow the protocol.


I did your cleanse for 4 days, except I was eating those extra foods. I’m eating your food diet, although did add the extra foods pretty quick out of desperation of going back to my old habits. On the route I’m already on now, what do you think of my routine and questions I posted? Really appreciate it