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hope4eva77;33316 wrote: i think the peroxide will kill the good bacteria so just do the same thing with waiting before u take probiotics ,i have wondered about starting this also .i have thrush in the back of my tounge and constant sore throat ,i am no longer constipated since starting the Swedish bitters so thats not it either .

i am 4 days in the diet without a cleanse and i felt bad die off the 1st day ,very wk all over ,body aches and pains ,headaches ,today i feel my normal bladder pain but not as bad with the bones aching .the diet is killing me as its sooo hard to follow ,i already ate a bowl of cherios and a few french fries !i notice a change immediately after i eat this things with pain in my bladder getting worse !this should b enough to keep me in check ,i hope !

good luck !

I had a dream last nite I splurged on common old food. Do you get frequent urination?