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Tylar wrote: Hey there! I’ve recently discovered EFT, also. Interesting stuff, from the little I’ve learned so far. I believe it’s tied into an acupressure-type response. Very body/mind.

I’m not a “woo-woo” kind of person, but it’s good to be open minded, right? I was surprised to learn that lots of professional counselors are using EFT in their practices, now, and some even receive CE credits when learning it.

By the way, I’m new here & this is my first post. Seems like a good place to hang out. 🙂

Hi mate!
welcome to the forum! I am totally open for anything. I only measure things by my standards. It has to work then its ok for me. I am not going around and around doing the thing again muddling in the same mud. There is a lot of things which never worked in this world, why bother doing it again and again. One is politics, fights between religions, school systems….education didn’t actually made people smarter in a good way (wise), after they got an education they turned around marched to wallstreet and started ripping people off. Why educating people and teach them not to work but playing games with other peoples money?

Another group are doctors, they have their noses so deep into detail that they loose track of the whole picture. In one way I believe a crime investigator would make a better medic or a good computer and a great algorithm for checking symptoms.

I am even considering “woo-woo” if it works, if some witchcraft man is throwing rice and feathers on my head and let me drink urine. Why not…if it helps.
But there is still a long way of investigation for me to be done. I am done with the medics now. Did my last tests and they didn’t find a thing. Feel great for about a week now, cant believe that EFT is so powerful, starting to get afraid that its not holding up and was a placebo……anyhow I enjoy my week of hundred percent symptom free days. I am too eating everything and don’t care.

People who know me here, know what a miracle that is for me. Now, it too could be that I dont have at all candida but IBS and it just has calmed down, who knows, I am going to test it out.

all the best to you!