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I think you took me the wrong way. 😀 I was just trying to explain that I hope it works and I will be interested if it helps. The positive thinking had little to do with EFT, but more to do with the program I watched. Though I did watch EFT video (the second one on the link you gave) and they use positive statements while doing the tapping. It is a very good suggestions and can only help. 🙂 This is where my thoughts came up about positive thinking and healing.

I agree that God can do anything! He works miracles. He can heal anyone with any means he chooses, EFT being one of them. My main point was that sometimes positive thinking is not enough. That this guy on the show was explaining that he healed himself with just thinking he was healthy and not doing anything else. I think this is possible to do because the brain is very powerful, but I do believe that sometimes the body needs more help then just positive thinking. This guy was trying to explain that if you have any type of illness all you need to do if think positive and you will be healed. To me this is crazy to think that someone that is paralyzes from the neck down because of accident needs only to think they can walk and they will walk. With this being said I know God works miracles so this could happen if He chooses so. Miracles happen everyday! Or maybe through prayer God will have someone find a cure for that person. To me, thinking that someone died from cancer because he or she did not used positive thinking is a little short sighted. Death of the body is part of the being human and part of God’s plan, though one never needs to experience real death when they have God. <3

You said “If you hold the believe that there is a plan of God through sickness than it is wired to fight sickness through any kind of means as you are against the will of God.”
I do believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason, even sickness. God is in control of it all. But that does not mean you do not fight sickness. I do not think God wants His people to be sick. Though He can use sickness to teach people lessons or have people discover cures. For example if Able and Raster did not have problems with Candida they would not be here to help us. I know that God uses everything for my good because it says this in the Bible. He takes care of me and I know that with Him anything is possible.
I am sorry if anything came off wrong. I am truly interested about the EFT and do not mean to put it down. I was more ranting about the TV program I watched. I just don’t like it when people try to say one thing is the only way to heal you. They are not God and do not know what is needed for each person.
Lots of love to you,