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I am also suffering from leaky gut, as gluten, milk and other foods were causing me realy problems.

Check out this product, (i dont know if its available to ship to your location) Marshmallow Formula

The product formerly called “Leaky-G-Herb”.

Before reading the information below, please note that healing a genuinely leaky gut takes several months, though the process may be speeded up by with addtional products such as Threelac, Golden Seal Formula E or F and Colostrum.

An excessively permeable intestinal mucosa (“leaky gut”) is a major cause of food allergies since it permits the passage of undigested food proteins and peptides into the blood stream, where they provoke an allergic response. A leaky gut also greatly facilitates autointoxication from the bowel, and we believe this to be a major and common cause of unwellness and disease.

A prime cause of a leaky gut is Candida (it also results from alcoholism.) Supposedly Candida physically damages the intestinal mucosa, though our work suggests another mechanism is frequently operative: acetaldehyde produced by Candida weakens the mucosa by free-radical activity. Certainly a leaky gut is invariably a concomitant of candidiasis, and specific measures must be undertaken to deal with it. Occasionally food allergies disappear when Candida is eradicated, presumably because a burden is removed from the immune system, but more commonly they do not disappear until healing of the leaky gut occurs. Although there may be some spontaneous healing once Candida is eliminated (particularly if irritant foods such as sugar are being avoided, and if vitamins and minerals are being supplemented, especially vitamin A and zinc), this is best not left to chance and we recommend that Marshmallow Formula be started about four months after anticandidal therapy is started and maintained for several months.

The manufacturers report that they once saw a hyperactive boy who had 19 food allergies (based on kiniesiology testing) when they first saw him, 13 of which were severe, to whom they gave Goldenseal Formula followed by Marshmallow Formula. After using these products he had only six allergies, four of which were mild and two of which were insignificant, so there is no doubt that food allergies can be resolved. It was also speculated that if this boy’s digestive system were supported, these residual allergies would fade too.[/i]

I have ordered it but the site advises to take it only after 3 months after starting an anti candidal diet so i cant comment on it yet.