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An elimination diet doesn’t sound like a bad idea, Thomas. I’ve been a bit worried about eggs, lemon, fish etc since I’ve been eating them too consistently to notice if they’re causing any symptoms. Do you think you could survive 2-3 weeks on mainly vegetables and organic chicken or something? You should be able to find info on elimination diets online.

Like teenies said, it’s hard to judge what causes a reaction, but if you keep your diet as simple as possible and maintain a thorough food diary, you should be able to spot some of the worst offenders. Seeing ‘sesame oil’ for lunch and ‘skin flare up after lunch’ on three separate days that were spaced 3-5 days apart left me with little doubt about that one.

Since it’s on topic, I just finished reading Increased Intestinal Permeability aka Leaky Gut Syndrome: The Science of Achieving Digestive Health by Casey Adams. It’s really thorough and explains the mechanics behind leaky gut and gives some good tips for improving the condition. The best thing about it is the amount of scientific research he reviews. A lot of authors just tell you things as if they were fact, and when you look them up you realise you were fooled into believing baseless opinion. For less than £2 it’s well worth checking out.

One thing mentioned in many of the studies about allergies in that and other books is the benefit of probiotic supplementation. They can really help your native colonies recover themselves, fight off pathogens and help prevent food particles getting where they shouldn’t, all of which contributes towards healing the gut and reducing the severity of reactions. I’d seriously consider starting them if you haven’t already.