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Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran is the type I was speaking of, and it’s ok to eat occasionally as it will feed the beneficial flora in the intestines. However, I don’t advise anyone to eat it for the first two weeks of the diet. Same for the rice bran.

As far as the tea is concerned, as I just wrote in another post, the only problem I have with tea is that so many of them contain mold. Finding an organic tea would cut down on the chance of this happening. There is no type of tea that will kill enough Candida to make a dent in the infestation.

I don’t recommend goldenseal because of the research which claims that it can contribute to the growth of Candida. Candida is a natural part of the body, so it’s impossible to literally ‘kill it off.’ This is why I don’t advocate loading up on numerous antifungals, but using only a few good ones such as coconut oil and oil of oregano and perhaps garlic, and mainly concentrating on high doses of quality probiotics with as many strains as possible. By the way, those antifungals I named won’t have to be rotated.

I don’t think I’d recommend the smoked salt that you asked about.

Concerning baking soda, just try to find a brand without aluminum.

You asked about butter; salt isn’t the problem with butter or margarine but rather the fact that it’s purely a dairy product.