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Able900 wrote: Sorry, Thomas, but your link won’t open.

Sorry to say that what you’ve described is not digestive bitters. Grapefruit seed extract is an antifungal, and the bitters do not contain an antifungal agent, they’re simply a mixture of bitter herbs which help indigestion and detox the liver. You can continue take the grapefruit seed extract if you want to, and it will kill the Candia for about two weeks, it won’t perform the same functions as the bitters.

What you were experiencing after you took the GF extract was die-off symptoms, severe die-off symptoms because it was the first time you had the GF extract and it no doubt killed a lot of Candida. Whatever you do, DO NOT continue to take this without it being in water. The instructions I gave you were for “DIGESTIVE GRAPE BITTERS” or Swedish bitters, but not Grapefruit Seed Extract (sorry for all the capitals, but I want to be sure you’ve got the name right this time. If you have the Molybdenum, take 250 mgs of this three times a day to relieve the die-off from the GS extract.

I found these Swedish Bitters (same thing as grape bitters) on Amazon, and it doesn’t contain alcohol. I don’t believe these come with a dropper, so you may have to purchase one if you want to measure it that way.


LOL I am happy for the big letters, maybe I need them. After I woke up today my tongue is still like a burn victim. If I killed with that action a lot of candia I am happy. To continue with it in a good way, meaning killing candia. How do I use it? On the bottle is written, 3 times a day in a glass of water 25 drops, will that be good as an antifungal?

thank you