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raster wrote: Able, thanks for the advice! In general, are “natural salts” OK?
Is coconut oil a good butter alternative?

A natural, unrefined sea salt with no added ingredients is the only type I recommend. This is normally found in a health food store and unfortunately is more expensive than refined salt, even refined sea salt. Natural, unrefined sea salt contains the minerals that were meant to be in our salt. Also, when salt is refined it is “chemically” cleaned, how healthy can that be for the human body?

Himalayan sea salt was analyzed by the famous Fresenius Institute located in Europe, the report that the institute released proved that this salt contains an array of elements and trace minerals needed for health as well as the ability to maintain the electrolytes in the human body. Of course, being unrefined with nothing at all added, natural sea salt doesn’t supply us with an iodide source, so we need to add a supplement to our diet.

Coconut oil should be taken throughout the Candida treatment period on a daily basis, so yes, it can be used as an alternative for anything you wish it to.