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Jorge – if leaky gut is just inflammation would I be able to correct the problem by lessening the inflammation by following an anti-infalmmatory diet? This is definetely something I need to look into. I have an auto-immune illness caused by leaky gut. My doctor guessed it may have been caused by Candida because of my symptoms (bloating, gas – I look about 5 months pregnant on worst days). However the tests showed no Candida. Yet I’ve been treated for Candida for over a year now and since I am still no better I started on the forum diet a month ago.

I am slightly better on the diet but my symptoms of bloating are just the same. Feeling bit frustrated actually; I have never experienced any die-off. I am starting to think maybe this is something else? My doctor actually took me off antifungals because he didn’t know what else to do. He suggested using l-glutamine for fixing the intestinal walls. Other than that I was extremely deficient on vitamind D and my general health has improved a lot now that I am taking supplementation (I had a chronic tonsilitis for two years! I was already scheduled to have my tonsils removed when I started on the vit D3 and two weeks later: no more sore throat!)

Anyway, information on leaky gut research would be most welcome!

missimo – I also find correaltion between the frequency of bowel movements and how bloated I get (less frequent = more bloated). Trying to keep myself regular with fibre and kefir.