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Hi, in my experience you can’t rely on tests. Sometimes they come back false negative and I’m afraid my opinion of doctors is pretty bad as well. My doctor’s have treated individual health symptoms for over 25 years without ever diagnosing me with candida and I only got worse and worse. It wasn’t until I got fed up, self-diagnosed and began treatment that I began to improve. I have improved at least 80% of my original symptoms of GERD, seasonal allergies, IBS, high blood pressure, migraines, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Diabetes, thyroid and adrenal probems, recurring broncitis, easy bruising and excessive bleeding when cut, recurring UTI’s, gall bladder attacks, etc.

Most of us are tired of fighting and not being able to eat what we want, but unfortunately this isn’t something you get over quickly. It is likely, that you only killed the candida on the surface temporarily, but internally the Candida just went deeper to wait and hide out until conditions were ripe to come back out.

Right now, I am fighting a skin fungus infection that isn’t quite going away. I have been spraying the area topically with hydrogen peroxide 3-4 times a day for the past week and half. It is improving, and hopefully will be gone in the next few weeks. I have heard that it can take several weeks to a few months using these topical treatments, but it may come back afterwards because I know that the Candida overgrowth is still there internally hidden. I am also taking other natural anti-fungals internally like coconut oil, garlic, onions, jalepenos, gse,turmeric, yucca, oil of oregano, olive leaf, and others. All except the coconut oil, I rotate regularly. Besides all the vitamins, omegas, probiotics, etc that I take as well.

Boron has really helped my pain from athritis(which can be related with candida), and is listed also as an anti-fungal. Don’t know the full answer yet to totally eradicating this monster, but quitting the diet won’t help. We all would love to not worry about what we eat, but in my experience cheats are often followed up with a return of debilitating symptoms and skin infections. I have tried some of these products like Candex, but they only helped marginally and are very expensive.

Some may not approve of colloidal silver, but I have been using this the past week when I got a sore throat and my oral thrush started coming back. I just spray it inside my mouth, on my tongue, under my tongue, on each side of my cheeks and towards the back of my throat. I sprayed some in my nostrils to help with my cold symptoms as well, and I got over my cold a lot faster. No side effects that I can see, it helped the white coating on my tongue, my sore throat went away and I wan’t sneezing and blowing my nose as much. I think if colloidal silver is used minimally and infrequently that most problems won’t occur. Supposedly, you can use this topically on skin rashes as well. Might try it if the hydrogen peroxide doesn’t do the trick.

Anyway, hang in there. Everyone here is in the same boat. Keep researching, seeking answers, and sharing information that may help someone else.

Well wishes,