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quick;32725 wrote: Long time no see, everything is going well just had a quick questions to pose to everybody.
1) every time I try drinking kefir I get a terrible rash on my forehead and feel pretty lousy. It’s the Safeway plain lactose free kind.
2) I still am having some brain fog when I consume Greek yogurt.
Lactose intolerance perhaps?

Hello, Quick. You wrote the following almost four months ago:

“Been a long while since I dropped by, just wanted to say things have continued to improve, adding new food weekly; greek yogurt, berries, and black beans. Things do and will get better for you too, just stay on top of what you’re putting in your body.”

Looks like you were doing well and adding new foods on a weekly basis back in September. What other foods did you add to your diet, and what’s your diet like now?

You should have been drinking kefir over four months ago; is this something new that’s happening or are you just now trying to drink it?

The rash can be a die-off symptom as well as a lactose intolerance, but I’d bet on die-off.
What are you taking for the die-off toxins?