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cmoore wrote: Has anyone had issues with candida like lack of coordination and feeling like your legs will just buckle under you? Remember when you were young and someone would sneak up behind you and give you a chop behind your knees and our leg would give out. The feeling is like that from my hips on down.

Has getting a handle on Candida helped you with this ?

I don’t really remember having these symptoms before starting the treatment, but had it a lot after starting. For me this was the die-off symptom. I also have back problems and damaged nerves which seem to get worse during die-off.

Actually, during the first two months I had a ton of neurological problems which were quite scary. Left side numbness, muscle twitching, back and neck pain, severe limb weakness, tingling etc. They died down now. Occasionally I will have weak legs and some numbness in my left arm, but it does not last for long time. Arm numbness sometimes comes after eating and usually it’s if I have some antifungal in my food, but it goes away in few hours. As I am getting better, these symptoms are getting better as well.

Not sure if your symptoms are candida related. Did you get checked by the doctor? I got checked upside down and everything is fine. Some nerve damage but not to concerning.