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I would look at prebiotics which feed the probiotics and other beneficial bacteria in the gut. This is very essential for healing leaky gut and creating an environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive.

Additionally, I would try out fermented (or regular) cod liver oil which is highly anti-inflammatory.

I would not eat beef because this makes leaky gut worse. I would skip it for a few weeks and see if digestion is better.

You have found some foods that feed candida but I can list more. Brown rice cakes feed candida, as well does the almond butter (slightly). Rice cakes are inflammatory as well:

We don’t recommend eating almond butter and rice cakes until stage 3 of the diet, or basically when you are symptom free and have healed leaky gut.

Almond milk is also problematic unless you make it at home and roast and soak the almonds before making it. This should kill 99% of the mold found in the almonds.

I also would greatly reduce the amount of apples you eat to 1-2 per week. I didn’t introduce apples in for 6 months I was so highly allergic to them (when my leaky gut was bad). I’d also skip out on those yams and potatoes as much as possible. Rutabega is a great potato replacement and is highly anti-fungal.

I would check out this list of leaky gut supplements:

You’ve got things down pretty good but I am listing out some things that were a problem for me. We developed a strict forum food list that most forum members follow and rice is not in this list.