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andrewmezzo;56958 wrote: So about three days ago I went to my local Whole Foods Market and bought myself some Synergy GT Organic Kombucha Tea with S.boulardii yeast and some other bacteria. At this point ive pretty much got my candida overgrowth under control, but I still have some symptoms like itchy skin and a little constipation. My understanding is that since Kombucha tea has beneficial yeast it would be okay to drink it, but ive read on the internet otherwise. Would it be okay to drink Kombucha Tea?

I have also been taking some lemongrass tea and pau d’arco tea every morning with a few forkfuls of Bubbie Raw Sauerkraut with Live Cultures every morning as well. And before i go to bed i take one tablespoon of Extra virgin organic Coconut oil.

Id like some feedback on my regimen and if I should make any adjustments to it.


Boulardii is awesome for those who are not yeast sensitive.

If you believe you’ve conquered your candida then it sounds like you need to rebuild your flora.
You may want to drop the Lemongrass and Pau Darco, they will hinder growth of good bacteria.

I would recommend drinking as much kombucha as you want and considered making homemade Sauerkraut instead of buying it. Companies that sell raw fermented veggies like sauerkraut carefully select strains of safe bacteria. This is fine but the flora from Bubbie’s will likely be temporary in the gut (similar to yogurt cultures). Making homemade vegetable ferments can re-inoculate the intestines with persistent and permanent beneficial bacteria.

Also, don’t forget being overly hygienic will slow the healing process. Drop the bleach, hand sanitizer, and anti-microbial soaps. We are surrounded by mostly healthy bacteria, pathogenic is rare.