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Thanks for your reply. Glad to say that a couple of days ago the pain began to subside and when I went to the Dr. yesterday he did not see any problem — except that my “extension” (being able to get my leg perfectly straight) is still 3 degrees off, so he has ordered an “Extensionator” for me — a machine that (forcefully) straightens it for you — should be interesting.

I definitely do think the pain was “Herx” caused. I am 75 years old and am not proud to say that I have gone through this many times in the past 20-30 years. I was raised in “small-town” Nebraska where the worth of a woman was proven by the quality of her desserts. My mother was definitely top notch. Dessert with every meal + in between + plus bedtime “snack”. I have been a sugar addict and over-eater ever since.

I usually do a pretty good job keeping control, but the hospital food got me started, then all the little treats I “deserved” because I had a “boo-boo” got me way off track.

I have tried all the diets + probiotics, supplements, antifungals — you name it. (And yes, I do watch my supplementation very carefully). Of course they helped as long as I did my part, but none ever was a major “fix”. This time however I went to a new colon therapist who offered a supply of cultured vegetables. I had read Donna Gates book years ago, but got a new edition, plus some of the vegetables and have been following that. I think the Herxing has been much less severe and though I did not have the nausea I usually experience, maybe the return of the knee pain was a new symptom of inflammation or ???

Anyway, I’m much better now and must report that I am THRILLED with the Body Ecology Diet. Yes, it seems the die-off has been less severe and after only a week I am actually having normal bowel movements which I had accepted I probably would never have again in my life. I honestly thought something was physically wrong in my “innards”. In fact I wound up in the emergency room a couple of months ago with horrible cramping which I, and they, assumed was gall bladder. But tests showed absolutely nothing wrong. The cramps have come and gone since then, but absolutely none since I’ve been doing the BE diet. I have an Endoscopy scheduled for Thursday and thought about canceling it, but guess I will go ahead with it.

I have ordered a food processor and veggie and kefir cultures and am going to start “manufacturing” big time. I think it is a miracle — for me anyway — I know everyone is different.

ONE QUESTION however, since you are knowledgeable about all this. My last stool test, about a year ago with Genova Diagnostics, reported that I had CANDIDA KRUSEII — not albicans. Even my Dr. seemed puzzled and not sure how it was different (speaks well for him!). Treatment recommended seemed to be same as others — “Nystatin and Natural Antifungals”. But I’m wondering if there is something I should know about it.

Again, thanks so much for your reply and “listening”.

Good luck to us all!