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Yes I read it. Granted I do get constipated, but my biggest problem right now is the burning butt. I even get my stools broken up using hydro C or milk of mag or whatever and it still burns my butt. Each BM just makes it burn worse and worse. This has always happened to me when I am off metamucil. Yes I am taking organic coconut oil. Taking lots of milk thistle, waiting for my molybdenum to arrive in mail. Hard to tell if i have die off symptoms cause I already feel bad with the constipation. I am just scared I have cancer. But for some reason the damn doctors can’t spot it. I really am alone in this except for you guys helping me, and this ebook that I have been reading. Doctors have done colonoscopies, enodoscopies, stool samplers, blood samples, anal manomitry, and a shit load of other things. If I can just get my bowels moving good and keep my butt hole from burning so bad I think I can heal myself with this diet and supplements. I’ll try what you say with the chia seeds. I can’t wait for my swedish bitters and miracle fiber to arrive in mail. I have a feeling it is going to be helpful