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First, wanna say it’s nice to see a post by a fellow candida diet contender living in Asia! We’re probably in the same boat on a lot of things (“whadya mean I can’t eat rice!? No soy sauce either!?”). Little trick I’ve found works wonders: plain “nori” (the flat seaweed used for sushi rolls) makes for a fabulous snack when you get the munchies! Just make sure to make sure they didn’t stick any other ingredients in there like soy sauce or sweetener.

Back to the topic at hand, I’ve been having trouble with the whole kim chi thing too.

It’s been covered before:

But if you notice, the answer has differed.

Part of the issue is what is actually in the kimchi. I saw some at the store today that had grape juice, apples, vinegar, and sugar as ingredients. Probably not a great pick. But then, I saw some online today with the following ingredients:
chinese cabbage, daikon, carrots, chili pepper powder, green onion, sesame seeds, ginger, salt, “flavoring”, amino acids, extract of “ami” (whatever that is), and salted fish entrails. Obviously, this is probably a better bet, but I’m thinking there might be something even purer out there.

In general, Korean kimchi is probably better than Japanese kimchi, which tends to be sweet rather than spicy (hence the fruit and sugar).

Anyway, I’m still uncertain about kim chi’s (or rather, kim chi’s ingredients’) place in the diet, so I’d also love to hear an answer on this from someone more senior. Please assume we’re talking about store-bought kim chi, please!