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Thanks so much for the replies! I have been on a diet of veggies, fruit, meat, cheese, and nuts, and NO sugar, grains, caffeine, chocolate, milk, or anything high on the glycemic index for almost a year now because of health issues. My health has icreased a lot, but the symptoms come back when I go back to the diet I had before (of cereal, sandwiches, pasta, white potatoes and corn dinners, etc.).
I do have one remaining symptom however: fatigue, that makes me feel lethargic and sluggish all the time. I can’t do any hard core exercise, and I need so much sleep. I have trouble working more than a few hours a week, and I cannot do any of my studdies.
My test results show a border line low thyroid and my Dr. diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue and put me on the protocol of a healthy diet and supplements. Within the first two months of the diet and supplements, I felt a tremendously better. But since then, my energy level has not changed at all, for better or worse. My last Dr. visit we talked more, and my Dr. believes I could have digestive issues: Candida, or possibly parasites or not enough digestive enzymes. I have doubts of my issues being caused by parasites, and can’t candida cause your body to not produce enough enzymes?
I could do a $400 stool test and wait 20 days for results, but I decided to just go ahead and do a candida kill off for any overgrowth of yeast. What could it hurt? I have had this thought that has been in the back of my mind for a long time: I could have killed quite a bit of the Candida with the diet greatly reduced in carbs, sugar, caffeine, etc., but there could still be an overgrowth that I can’t diminish when I’m eating dairy, fruit, nuts, dairy, beans,
minor ammounts of honey, and more dairy.

I believe I am the perfect “victim” for Candida overgrowth.
1. I have had many antibiotics in my life, for ear infections and strep throat, a few of the medications given back to back.
2. I didn’t have the ideal diet, with sugary cereal, lots of bread, crackers, peanut butter and jelly to the max, white potatoes, pasta, pancakes and waffles being the norm, not to mention the daily desert and unhealthy snacks.
4. Spikey blood sugar and Celiac runs in the family.

These were my symptoms a year ago: Fatigue, sleeplessness, painful sinuses, post nasel drip, monthly colds, bad breath, uncomfortable foul tasting burps, some acid reflux, aching muscels, aching knee joints, gas, bloating, loud stomach, heart palpitations, anxiety, mild depression, and headaches (was a HUGE one).
Now all I have is the lingering fatigue, although my stomach already feels flatter from just 3 days off of dairy, fruit, nuts, etc. so it’s possible I’ve always been slightly bloated and didn’t know it?
Anyways, that’s my huge story. If anyone thinks having ONLY FATIGUE isn’t a big enough symptom for Candida, please let me know! Thanks:)