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Cmcanepa;31819 wrote: I’m not eating beans but aren’t they high in protien also? Should I be cutting down on the proteins or does it not matter? I’m a little worried.

Most of us worried about a lack of protein on the diet, and it doesn’t appear to me like you’re getting too much, but then I don’t know precisely how much of the protein foods you’re eating.

I’m not sure why you think avocados are a high protein food, but they contain only 2.7 grams of protein each (medium size), so if you wanted to you could replace some of the higher protein foods with more avocados.

The type of protein you’re eating is more important than the amount, and it doesn’t appear that you’re eating a lot of animal protein.

During the diet, most of the time I used two types of ‘flours’ at a time; usually it was coconut flour and oat bran. Coconut flour doesn’t have a very high protein count in my opinion.

By the way, I suggested eating beans for the carbs because, if your breath has a ketone odor to it you’re obviously burning fat instead of carbs. The longer your body burns its stored fat instead of carbs the longer you will lose weight – that is unless you can consume enough calories to stay caught up with the amount of weight you’re losing.