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titan wrote: 1. When is best to drink the kefir?

i.e. does it need to be on an empty stomach? Right now I take the probiotic pill upon waking up in the morning, then 30 minutes later I drink my Kefir (which has been sitting out for at least 24-48 hours in the fridge)then followed by breakfast 30 minutes after that. I am up to 2 glasses of kefir a day. 1 in the morning, and 1 at night. Is there a better time to drink it than this?

2. Traveling & Kefir?

I think the grains will suffer if I try to travel with them on the plane. I can have some kefir that morning. Could I take say 36 ounces of it in a tightly sealed container or jar and just pack it or take as a carry on item? Not sure they’ll let me pass security with it as a carry on item though…

I’m going to Las Vegas in October. Luckily, The Venetian has an organic restaurant called the Canyon Ranch Grill, that has organic eggs & omeletes, olive oil, spinach, chicken sausage, avocado, peppers, celery, onions, cucumber, jalapenos, garlic, kale chips, farm-raised salmon, & mixed salad greens.

Heck, even room service has organic ingredients. Finally, someone else will cook for me!

So I’m packing 2 loafs of coconut flour bread, vitamins/antifungals/supplements, and a water filter bottle, and of course my golf clubs!

Canyon Ranch Grill at The Venetian in Las Vegas

I recently went on holiday & was worried about not having kefir to hand. I didn’t bother trying to take grains & instead upped my probiotic dose.

Luckily, to my surprise, they sold Kefir in the supermarket & sauerkraut, so I was able to eat as I normally did.

I’m 6 months in & therefore more able to test foods & found I had no adverse reaction to fillet steak, octopus, and even tried a small amount of seeds without any adverse reaction.

I was also given, & made, a recipe for a garlic & lemon drink (quite like the one advised on here), I was surprised that if you take the fibre of the garlic & lemon out of the drink it doesn’t taste of garlic. Its defiantly something I will start making once I buy a food processor, a much preferred way of getting high level of vit c in the diet.