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Where the information Kefir is beneficial for candida sufferers is coming from ??

I see not other source than candida dedicated non-medical websites. There isn’t evidence, at least to my knowledge, Kefir is providing benefices for candida sufferers. If you browse the web trying to find positive testimonies, you get almost nothing. Maybe an isolated report from someone. However, there are a lot of evidences and reports people get worse drinking Kefir. Curezone archives are full of these reports. So, why Kefir is continuously advised in candida forums and web ??

We need to stop the myths and advice based on evidence and reports. There aren’t enough evidences Kefir is beneficial for candida sufferers. It looks totally the opposite according to the research and reports.

To be safe dealing with an intestinal fungal overgrowth, Kefir must be out of the game. At least, until the overgrowth be erradicated.