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LilDonnie;52833 wrote: Raster,
If you are using the Redwood hills brand yogurt one thing I noticed was the use of tapioca starch in it, it didnt effect me much but I just stopped using it because of this ingredient. Just an FYI!

And thanks btw for all the info and your blog. I have been reading these forums for about 6 months as well as battling fungus and finally decided to join the conversation.


Yes, I have ate the redwood hills goat yogurt before; it is at my health food store. I think it was much better tolerated than cow. However, you bring up a good point about the tapioca starch. I have thought about trying to make my own. Do you think buying either of these, and starting from there would be okay?

I haven’t had dairy again for quite sometime,and miss it. I have thought about trying some goat cheese here at some point.

One final note, how have had other people made homemade yogurt? My dehydrator said I could do it that way. I don’t have a yogurt machine. I like it thick and creamy, but not too, too thick.