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2 years ago before I knew yeast was my problem, I had so many digestive issues I decided to try making real kefir from grains. I ordered grains from TheHappyHerbalist and began making goat’s milks kefir for about 13 months. I was not respecting any diet at the time but was drinking kefir daily.

I have to say that while it didn’t help my regularity/digestion/ constipation at all, it did seem to keep my candida from getting worse. Also, I never got sick while drinking it.

It believe it’s probably more beneficial then detrimental for candida sufferers. However, I don’t think it will bring significant improvement to individuals with CRC, especially the more sever cases.

Also to note, I made homemade Kombucha for about a year as well with the same results. To me Kefir, Kombucha, and cultured yogurt seem to help me just as much as a normal pro-biotic capsule. I don’t really notice a big difference. I have taken well over 25 different pharmaceutical pro-biotics.

The only pro-biotic’s that worked true miracles for me were Threelac and S Boulardii. ThreeLac literally removed 80% of all my symptoms for 3-4 weeks until the yeast built a resistance and then I was back to square one like it never happened. It was very interesting.

S. Boulardii was working lovely for me. I was regular, more energy, allergies improving. But weeks into my treatment I would get extremely painful skin on random parts of my body. This painful symptom only occurred previously when I was going through bottles of anti-biotics which leads me to believe SB may be antagonistic against not only candida but also my LAB beneficials.

I say if it makes you feel better, Keep DRINKING.
If it makes you feel bad, STOP DRINKING!