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hope4eva77;32667 wrote: i have no where other than online to purchase grains ,i saw plain kefir at my local store with 12 grams sugar ,it tastes like plain yogurt and i dont like it much .
would it b ok to sweeten with stevia ?also what is the difference between yogurt and kefir ?
it tastes exactly the same !
i plan on taking extra probiotics because i cant eat organic ,i mean take a30 billion like 2 or 3 times a day .would this be enough or do i need to drink kefir ?

You can get sachets from amazon to make your own, some people find them more convenient and I believe raster or able used it throughout treatment. Unfortunately i know very little about it as I brought fresh grains.

The shop bought is a big no-no and the one you mentioned has huge sugar content, don’t be frustrated though I made a dozen mistakes too. D:

After a month or so you can have shop bought genuine greek yoghurt like fage as these have low sugar, my one has only 2g.