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hope4eva77;32003 wrote: i really would like to make kefir what milk is best to use in stage 1 ? almond or cocoanut? there is a pancake mix on here i wanna make but calls for cocoanut milk is this ok so early in my treatment i am really just starting out thanks 1

It is 30 days according to the Strict diet that Able has on the site. It should be unsweetened obviously. Regarding the Kefir, I tried using the coconut milk with Kefir Grains and it didn’t ferment for me.

I also bought the Body Ecology kit and made milk Kefir from whole milk. Additionally, I tried making Kefir from kefir grains & whole milk as well. I’m not sure what it is, but I liked the consistency & taste of the body ecology kit much better than the kefir I made from actual kefir grains. One recommendation for you if you do decide to get the Body Ecology kit, make sure you freeze it or refrigerate it. The live bacteria will die if not chilled for a length of time. I learned the hard way and just wasted 20$ worth of kefir product; still waiting for more in the mail. 🙁

The body Ecology kit is what Able used to heal himself, so obviously we know it will work.