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Water Kefir:

I perfer Water Kefir because you can do so much more to enhance its flavor, its cheaper and I found a way to use up a lot of the sugar I had stashed prior to starting the Candida diet. If you can not stand the taste of Milk Kefir, Please give this a try.

Here is a good write up on Water Kefir and list some recipes.

Here is a nice short video of how easy it is to make water kefir

here is a longer version with some insight

A couple of things to note

You do not have to add special ingredients to make this work. basic sugar and water will work. However adding things like rasins and lemons help your grains to grow well and enhance the flavor

Do not ever use metal material for your kefir

Do not use tap water,if you do, boil it and let is sit out for a day.

Kefir, prefers unrefined sugar and mineral water. You can use filtered tap water or purified water but add a tiny bit of baking soda, less than a half tea spoon or better yet, throw in a half of clean egg shell to get some of those minerals back in the water.