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super probiotic boost smoothy 🙂

1/4 cup of kefir grains, water or milk works
1-1 and a half cup of home made milk kefir
a dash of cinnamon
i packet or tble spoon of stevia

Optional a couple of frozen/fresh rasberries or a piece of granny smith apple.

blend until smooth and drink up. I make this every morning now. since my water kefir grains double in quantity every batch.


I was wondering when you’d ask this question!

Yes, kefir grains can certainly be eaten. I think, therefore I feel, that this is an essential part of the kefir-culturing process or kefir-ritual as a whole. I was encouraged to ingest kefir grains over 24 years ago, by the person who was kind enough to share some of her kefir grains with me. She was also encouraged to ingest excess kefir grains,by the person from whom she initially obtained her grains from. Later I began researching kefir, where I came across references explaining that the Caucasians also ingested kefir grains on a regular basis.

Suggestions that state kefir grains do not contain any nutritional value … or are unsafe to ingest … is plain-flavoured bull-ox. Not only do kefir grains contain proteins, amino acids and fats, the fact that they have anti-tumour, anti-inflammatory properties, blood pressure normalizing property including high blood cholesterol reducing activity among other beneficial value, is becoming more evident [1, 2]. Ingesting kefir grains regularly, has helped to cure Gastric Ulcers in personal friends and acquaintances, which I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and treating over some years. I’ve also used the ingestion of 2 Tbs milk kefir-grains each day over a 2 week period [with rectally retained implants of kefir grains], to successfully treat Ulcerative Colitis in my case, in 1999. I have been asymptomatic ever since. Each gram of kefir grain contain billions of friendly microbes and yeasts. Who needs a probiotic supplements in pill form, when kefir grains are fresh and possibly superior!? There may also be specific encapsulate microbes within the matrix, which may not be found in a liquid kefir. Ingesting these may give unique benefits.”

For Individuals Who Wish To Ingest excess Kefir Grains [recipes included]
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