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UncleOxidant;31710 wrote: I finally got some kefir grains locally and made some coconut kefir and goat milk kefir. One thing I notice about this fresh kefir: it definitely has a yeast smell to it.

After googling around a bit I found that kefir grains are a symbiotic matrix of lacto bacteria and yeasts. So I’m wondering: is the yeast part a problem if you’ve got candida?


What did you use to make the Coconut Kefir? I had tried making it with Kefir Grains and Coconut Milk. That didn’t work and several people on here told me I should make it with coconut water. So I went and bought some coconut water. However, that didn’t ferment either. It doesn’t look, smell or taste like Kefir. Did you make a successful batch?

I was really hoping to use coconut Kefir, but it’s getting frustrating. I have made about 6 batches of whole milk kefir using the starter kit, which doesn’t taste too bad. I have heard the coconut kefir is fantastic for us.