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Katy Gillett
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Haha oh dear! Just what I need… something else addictive heh. At least there are some joys on the diet :).

For some reason I wasn’t alerted to this post.. I’ve been stirring with a metal spoon :S. Is that a really bad thing? Why is it that you can only stir with a wooden spoon?

Another couple of questions I had about kefir – do you also have to drink it in between meals? And/or can I drink it at the same time I take my probiotic?

By the way for some unknown reason stevia isn’t allowed to be sold here in the UK and haven’t seen truvia at all (is this a brand using stevia?)… I’m using xylitol and I just wanted to double check that this is ok?

How do you think xylitol and carob powder would go down? Chocolate milk maybe? haha

Hope you’re well! You too raster