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How’s life, Katy?

The consistency is said to be very similar to thin yogurt, but most of the time mine is a quite ‘runny’ with small lumps which I crush and mix with the liquid. Definitely drinkable instead of spoonable (spoonable isn’t a word, can you believe that?).

The taste; now that’s difficult to describe since it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever tasted. Yogurt? No, although some say it’s similar to plain, unsweetened yogurt, but it isn’t to me because I don’t like the taste of plain yogurt at all, and always eat it with something else mixed with it such as coconut cream, but I can drink kefir alone. Some say it has a sour taste; I call it closer to very tangy with a smidgen of sour mixed in.

You should use a glass container. A canning jar is best, when you open it the first time, if it’s fermented correctly the inner cover will be sealed tight.
Use only wooden spoons to stir it.

A great dish is to take about a half cup of kefir, add Truvia or Raw Stevia to taste, then add a few tablespoons of cream of coconut or coconut manna (also known as coconut butter) and stir very well. The butter and cream are basically the very same, as far as what it’s called I suppose depends on the brand that it’s made by. The coconut manna will cause it to thicken, and this will settle anyone’s taste for something sweet. In fact, Katy, I hate to tell you but, it’s quite addictive (coconut bread anyone?)