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Katy Gillett
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Hi Able…

My probiotic is not so good – it contains lactobacillus acidophilus and says it contained 100 million live at the time of manufacture. Who knows how many now! I found it on a shelf but have kept it refrigerated since opening… I did have some die off symptoms when I started it so I guess that’s a good sign…

Unfortunately the organic shop on the island has run out of kefir and looks like they’re not getting another shipment until after I leave the country so I’m stuck with the acidophilus and Greek yoghurt in terms of probiotics..

Another question.. I’ve been taking aloe vera capsules which I believe are also antifungals and I’ve been feeling exhausted, bloated, anxious and weak since I started them. I’ve also been craving sugar a lot more than I was. Would that be a good sign or should I stop taking them? Still taking tea spoonfuls of coconut oil too.

The exhaustion is horrible since I’m trying to pack up my life! And is made much worse by the weather out here – 40-50 degrees and the humidity soaks you as soon as you’re out the door. Nightmare! I feel terrible for the people who are fasting this Ramadan (started today).

Anyway enough of my blabber! I hope you had a good weekend :). Look forward to hearing from you.