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Katy Gillett
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Hey Able.. I’ve been doing ok. But I have been having problems with stress and thus overeating. I know the stress/nerves will subside.. its just because I’m moving country and leaving my long-term boyfriend behind in a few days! But I do eat more of my bread than I should do as I’m using it as ‘comfort food’ right now, I won’t lie. I seem to have oral thrush now which I didn’t have before so I’m wondering if that’s why – or could that be a die off reaction (or is that just pure wishful thinking?!)? I’m just working up the courage to try out your oil pulling technique as it sounds pretty revolting but people seem to have been saying it works so I know I have to at some point heh.

On another note, I have realised the exhaustion was actually from working out too much.. so I’ve cut back on that and am resting more which has helped. My dizziness went away for a while but these past 2 days has come back. I’ve also seen a return of these stabbing pains in the right side of my head and ears which I haven’t felt in a while.

I have to admit that I’m feeling rather confused and exasperated by everything right now! Especially as although I know I’m overdoing the bread, I’m doing better on the diet than I ever have been.

I’m taking 3-4 teaspoons of coconut oil a day and using it as a spread and cooking oil on top of that…literally wherever/whenever I can. Plus 2 bowls of Greek yoghurt and acidophilus a day.

I’m wondering if as soon as I get back to the UK I should completely cut grains (the only ones I’m touching are buckwheat and quinoa) and even yoghurt when I get a good probiotic supplement. What do you think?

Also, I’ve been eating fresh coconut – could that be causing problems?

Best wishes, Katy