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Hello Hope,
Thank you for your post. Does the forum have an approved food list?
I feel that if I listened to every website, there would almost nothing I could eat except leafy green vegetable,lemon and animal protein.
Actually the chiropractor was the most lenient with the diet suggestions, allowing me to have beans, tomatoes and bacon, all which I have seen as no, no foods on other diets. I’m allergic to nuts so he even suggest peanut butter, which seems to be a universal no, no. I haven’t touched that. He also said recently that I could have yeast bread. I haven’t gone near that either!
For the beginning and the majority of the diet, I’ve stuck to meat, poultry, eggs and fish as protein. Also some oat bran and flax seed meal. He’s had me on unsweetened coconut milk, herbal teas and filtered water. I’ve used olive oil and a little sesame oil. Lots of green vegetables, salad greens, onions, garlic, ginger, lemon, lime. Recently he said I could have some grains. Whole wheat, whole barley, wheat berries, oats and quinoa. Also beans, so I’ve stuck with garbanzos, aduki, lentil. Using the candida cook books I have, I recently have added a muffin and a tea bread using the potassium baking powder.
He recently put me on a probiotic/antifungal supplement and said I could now add yogurt to my diet.
Does it sound like I am on track with the forum understanding about the allowed foods.
I am very grateful to have stumbled into this forum. I have been doing so much of this without any contact with fellow candida patients and limited guidance from my doctors.
Thanks again.