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raster;53659 wrote: Well it sounds like you have things fairly under control…and one of things it shows is which antifungals you shouldn’t take any more.

How do you feel and how do you feel when you cheat?


I feel okay most of the time, wayyyy better than i was at 8-9 months ago, and even much better than 2-3 months ago. I eat high carbs now every day basically. 2 Cups of oat bran a day, and sometimes a plate of rice and lentils on top of that. Don’t really cheat other than that though, pumpkin seeds sometimes, nuts sometimes but they make me feel a bit groggy if i eat a lot, maybe some berries+fruit and beans/refried beans.

I’m apprehensive about trying other stuff. I don’t want to end up where I was so the only cheat foods I eat are pretty mild cheats. I don’t want to eat any junk food, I’ve lost all of my cravings for sugar and sweets which is good.

I still do have trouble eating some foods, like raw veggies and salads. Still trying to heal my thyroid/adrenals I think. I can’t handle stress as well as I could before I got sick, when something gets stressful i get minor anxiety attacks now which never used to happen when I was healthy.
If I could just get rid of the low energy levels and anxiety things would be great, but I’m grateful for how far I’ve come